Double mattresses are by far our most popular sized mattress, measuring 4’6″ x 6’3″ (135 cm x 190 cm). As a 4ft 6 mattress, they provide comfy roominess but won’t overcrowd the average room. This makes them the perfect size for couples, growing families, teenagers and those with medium-sized homes.

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What is the size of a double mattress?

Double mattresses are 135cm wide by 190cm in length. This mattress measures 4′ 6″ wide by 6′ 3″ long in imperial measurements (4’6″ x6’3″). This mattress size is commonly referred to as a 6ft6 mattress. This size is the most common for bedrooms of average size, as it provides enough space for two people without being too big.

The table below shows how a double mattress compares with other mattresses.

Type of mattressImperial Size (feet and inches)Metric Size (cm).
Small Single mattress3′ x6’3″90cm x190cm
Small Double Mattress4′ x6’3″120cm x190cm
Double mattress4’6″ x6’3″135cmx190cm
King Size mattress5′ x6’6″150cm x200cm
Superking mattress6′ x6’6″180cm x200cm

How do you choose a double bed?

There are some important things to keep in mind when shopping for a double-bed mattress. Determine who the mattress is intended for. There should be 10cm (4inches) between the mattress’ end and your feet. A king or super king mattress will be more comfortable for those who are over 180cm (5’11”) tall.

Which is the best mattress for me?

Your sleeping position will determine which mattress is best for you. The position you sleep on can determine which mattress you choose.

Many people sleep on their sides. We recommend a double mattress that has a thick comfort layer if you prefer to sleep on your side. This will cushion your shoulders and hips. Our FUSION mattresses include memory foam, latex and gel for pressure relief and soothing comfort.

To keep your spine aligned, if you sleep on your back, then you will need support. Back-sleepers may want to consider a medium firm or double mattress with pocket spring support.

Do you prefer to sleep on your back? A double mattress is recommended with lots of support and comfort.

Are double mattresses expensive?

Not necessarily! You can check out our amazing range of double mattresses at £479.99. You can choose from double mattresses if you have more budget flexibility. Browse our double mattresses above £400 if you are looking for the best quality.

If you have a limited budget, our double mattress sale is a must-see. You can get this mattress from the top brand at generous discounts. This will allow you to buy better mattresses within your budget.

Consider that every £50 you spend on your mattress is worth only 2p per night for 7 years. This could make a huge difference in your sleep quality!

Which mattress is better, a memory foam or pocket spring?

Both pocket spring and memory foam mattresses are excellent choices. Most mattresses include both memory foam and pocket sprung. Pocket-sprung mattresses provide optimal support and natural alignment. Memory foam mattresses are great for pressure relief and offer personalised comfort to suit your individual needs.