Nowadays, people have become more concerned about the type of mattress. Gone are those days when one would buy any mattress readily available. Today, there are unique mattresses that even doctors prescribe to patients with spine problems. These are known as orthopaedic mattresses.

An orthopaedic mattress contains particular materials to provide brilliant support to the sleeper’s body. It also relieves the person from any existing pain or inflammation. Moreover, such mattresses escalate healing in patients recently met with spine injuries.

A classic elite orthopaedic memory foam mattress has additional attributes than a conventional orthopaedic mattress. It has a firm surface and high density that contours according to the sleeper’s body shape. As a result, this mattress provides robust support to the neck and back areas, relieving any existing pain. In addition, the memory foam inside the bedding adds to the softness of the classic elite orthopaedic memory foam mattress. Thus, it also gives a luxurious feeling to sleep on them apart from alleviating pains.

This mattress also has improved air circulation so that the sleeper does not get heated up overtly. The enhanced features of this mattress make it the best choice amongst orthopaedic mattresses. The coir layering inside also has medium density, adding to the mattress’s firmness. Doctors prescribe these mattresses to people with back or neck problems.

The outside surface of this mattress has pure cotton fabric, making it highly comfortable for the user. Furthermore, the material in the last layer of the classic elite orthopaedic memory foam mattress; is made up of an anti-skidding fabric. Thus, there are no chances of displacement of this mattress while you are sleeping.

If your physician has prescribed you to purchase an orthopaedic mattress, you can buy this type with assurance. Moreover, you should not delay this purchase as it is a matter of your health. A proper mattress is part of your healing process, and you should not postpone it. You can feel free to contact Ric Sleep, the leading mattress company in the UK, for further details. They provide the finest quality classic elite orthopaedic memory foam mattress and various other types.