Do you know that mattresses purchased recently can emit “off gassing?” The chemical-based odor that is released from newly purchased mattresses is known as “off gassing.” This can be seen when you walk down the cleaning products aisle in a store. Even though all bleach and cleaning products are sealed, it is still possible to smell them. This is called “off gassing”, also known as “out gassing”. The wrong mattress could potentially cause injury to users whenever they touch it.

I. Pros

1. Comfort is the main reason memory-foam mattresses are so popular. You get the best sleep possible because it conforms to your body.

2. Memory foam mattresses can be heated and pressed to relieve pressure points. This allows you to realign your spine, neck, and hips, distributing body weight evenly and correcting poor sleeping habits.

3. Studies have shown that long-term treatment can reduce chronic neck and back pain.

4. It can also be beneficial for chronic respiratory conditions because it improves sleep quality and eases breathing.

5. Memory foam mattresses are made of materials that promote good health. They are hypoallergenic, dust mite-resistant, and are great for people with respiratory problems or allergy sensitive.

6. It is quiet and doesn’t creak or squeak. This makes it ideal for people who are unable to sleep alone.

7. A memory foam mattress requires very little maintenance. They are easy to flip and turn, and they don’t sag. A lot of high quality mattresses come with a generous warranty that lasts between 10 and 25 year.

II. Cons

1. Memory foam mattresses can be very heavy. This shouldn’t be a problem as you won’t have to turn them.

2. Because they hug your body, and retain heat, they are hotter than regular mattresses. People are now experiencing less heat from cooler open cell and gel technology.

3. The mattress might be more soft in hot climates than it is in colder climates. The central heating and cooling systems in most homes allow the mattress to be either too soft or too hard.

4. People have complained about a bad odor coming from their mattresses. If the mattresses are not properly aired, this can lead to a stench.

5. Many people may be put off by the high price of memory foam mattresses from name brands. However, the quality of the mattress will usually determine the price. Although a memory foam mattress is more expensive than regular mattresses, it is healthier for you and lasts longer.

6. People complain that their mattress doesn’t provide the support they require. Two things could cause this: either the mattress is not of high quality or the underlying materials are poor quality. It is therefore important to know all specifications about the mattress, including the rebound rate, density, certifications, as well as all other materials.